MISSION of the BICC (Business Intelligence Competence Center)

1. To make Business Intelligence the distinghuishing part of our educational program

  • In 2012 Harvard Business Week stated that “Data Scientist” aka “Data Analyst” or “Data Miner” is the sexiest – read “most wanted” – job of the 21th century... We predicted this trend and included Business Intelligence (BI) in our educational program already ten years ago. At Thomas More University College, our Professional Bachelor in Information Management is the only one in Flanders where students can specialize in BI on a Bachelor level.
  • We deliver graduates with hands-on competences to practice BI-methods (where Master programs focus on academic competences to design BI-methods). Our approach is much appreciated by businesses: our students get job offers before graduation.

2. To be a platform for dialogue with businesses

  • Permanent dialogue between Thomas More University College and the international business community is an important part of our innovation proces. Through this dialogue our educational programme keeps up with the fast evolving pace in Information Management.
  • Trough dialogue we are able to close the gap between competences supplied by our curriculum and job skills demanded by businesses.
  • Via symposia, workshops, consultancy and congresses we stimulate the dissemination and valorisation of knowledge in BI for both Thomas More and businesses.
  • Specific questions or needs from businesses lead to practically-oriented research at our competence center.

3. To encourage international cooperation around Business Intelligence

We share our passion for BI with European partners:
- Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Portugal)
- Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
- Hochschule Ulm, University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
- Banking Institution Of Higher Education (Latvia)
- Helsinki Metropolia university (Finland)  
- Vilnius College In Higher Education (Lithuania) 
- Henallux IESN (Belgium) 
With these partners we organized Erasmus Intensive Projects between 2008 and 2013. Currently we are in the proces of:
  • organizing a transnational joint curriculum in BI on a bachelor level;
  • looking for projects to cooperate with international businesses with needs for research and innovation in BI.
Questions? Looking for cooperation? Contact us:
Lange Ridderstraat 44
B-2800 Mechelen
+ 32 (0) 15 369 168